As a retreat coordinator who has successfully managed the planning process from start to finish for over 20 different instructors, I truly understand what you have at stake. You’ve worked hard to build your brand, sharpen your skills, motivate your clients and build the buzz for your next event.

You lead a different lifestyle than most because not only is this your business, it is also your passion. You are building a customized experience for your guests and crafting that perfect experience takes a lot of time and effort (you know exactly what I’m talking about). This is the reason why I want to be your go-to person when it comes to managing the logistics of your next international retreat. To make your life easier so you can focus on what you really want to be doing — instructing your students and enjoying the beauty of your chosen location.

My journey in Nicaragua began in 2011 with a small (at the time) start-up called Aqua Nicaragua. Although I no longer live in Nicaragua full-time (l lived in southern Nicaragua for 2 years from 2011-2013), I am proud to call it my second home, thanks to the close friends I’ve made and the business I still conduct in country. I consider myself an outspoken ambassador of this special place; a land of lakes and volcanoes — a strikingly exquisite country with a warm and friendly people that more than match the beauty of their land.

Let my connections, bilingual skills and organizational talent work hard for you on your next retreat. I will set up the contract with the resort of your choice, help you customize your package, price all-inclusive rates for you, suggest the most meaningful add-ons, organize in-country transportation with reliable vendors, reserve and modify your room block, track all communication and changes and take the hassle out of making international payments (even collecting funds directly from your clients, if you’d like).

I have the pleasure of collaborating with many talented instructors and I am continually inspired by their stories. Please hop on over to my blog to check out the informal interviews I conduct with some of these incredible leaders. My hope is that you will find something useful for your practice and inspirational for your life.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Anthony Mandela, MBA
Retreat Conexions LLC

Retreat Conexions is dedicated to eliminating the frustration that instructors and retreat leaders often deal with when trying to coordinate the many moving parts of a successful experience.

We are logistics professionals and in-country experts who will take care of all the communication, contracts, inclusive pricing, housing, resort vetting, transportation, and, yes, even bill clients directly on behalf of our instructors. We have been successfully helping instructors manage their retreat details since 2012 and believe that the best international retreat experience is one that is impeccably organized.

The bottom line: International retreat planning is very time intensive work. We want our instructors to be able to fully focus on what they do best, TEACH!


1. Logistics Experts

Dedicated to the single minded goal of eliminating the pain that you experience when trying to coordinate the many moving parts of a successful retreat.

2. Direct Liason

We represent a portfolio of unique properties and act as your direct link to the resorts.

3. Service Professionals

We will arrange and organize all of the housing assignments, flight pick-ups, guest concerns, translation, and instructor/resort contracts. We can even offer your customers a streamlined direct easy-pay option via PayPal. We will pass you the all-inclusive per person pricing options for each location and promptly take care of all of your questions and customization needs.

4. Yoga Enthusiasts

Devoted to the holistic care of you and your group. We understand your retreat is not just a vacation for your guests, it is a carefully crafted experience.

Co-lead a retreat with us

Our innovative Conexions program is fueled by a strong passion to help instructors make valuable new connections, grow their networks and promote the best retreat venues in the most low risk and cost effective fashion.

Utilizing our extensive client list and profiles of experienced and enthusiastic yoga instructors, we pair instructors together (based on the right fit, years of experience, goals, etc.) to co-lead a retreat at one of our trusted partner locations. Retreat Conexions then handles all logistics and billing for these invitation only partnerships.

Have an invitation? Enter your password on the Conexions page of this website to view complete program details

Our Objectives

Researching and setting up a successful retreat in a new venue can be a time consuming and daunting task. It may literally take hundreds of emails and/or phone calls from the instructor to the resort (along with an exorbitant amount of valuable time) in order to get all of the retreat details properly worked out in advance. Retreat Conexions LLC steps in to fill a need in this niche market.

The yoga concierge branch of our business handles all of the logistics support (inclusive package information: pricing, housing, billing, transportation) and all other details required for yoga instructors to host a successful retreat.

The conexions branch of our business is primarily a vehicle for instructors to grow their network, explore exotic locales and scout future solo retreat venues in the lowest risk fashion possible. We pre-screen instructors, pairing experienced instructors together to co-lead a retreat at a specific venue. We then handle all of the logistics support, billing, and execution of the retreat. The yoga instructors plan their retreat together remotely and then arrive on location one day prior to the arrival of their group in order to get familiar with the location and finalize the planning process together. This program is available by invitation only.

Because of the tight knit relationships that we maintain with our boutique locations, we will also ensure that your retreat gets promoted on the venue’s social media and website channels at no additional cost to the instructor.

Ask Us

Retreat ConeXions has the experience you’re looking for. Please ask us for personal references from other instructors we’ve worked with to plan their retreats, including Moksha Yoga, Blue Lotus, Del Sol Yoga, Yoga Element, Lithe Escapes, Boston Yoga School, Tim Senesi, Liberation Yoga, Anchorage Yoga, Celebration Club, Danielle Lee Yoga NYC, Yogascapes, and Cindy Newland Functional Fitness, just to name a few. Please ask for references!

Talented instructors with a growing and devoted clientele base. Curious minds searching off the beaten track for a memorable and unique boutique location. Meticulous artists who want to ensure that all of the logistics are seamlessly managed. Creatives who tailor powerful experiences for their guests. Professionals who don’t take chances with their reputation.
1. Real in-country expertise and a proven track record.

No more wondering whether you will be getting the best value for the money, or if your group will truly be well taken care of. We know that it is not always about the cheapest price and we only work with the highest quality and most reliable vendors, resorts, and tour operators in country.

Our team has years of experience living and working in Central America (primarily Nicaragua). We are NOT a travel agency working with tens (sometimes hundreds) of clients and locations.

We personally vet all resorts to make sure the location can put together the package you are looking for. We ensure the highest quality and have working relationships with the GMs and on-site hosts. We negotiate on your behalf and make sure the rates are the most competitive and all-inclusive.

2. Logistical Support.

Transportation: Do you know who is behind the wheel of that van? What are the preferred airlines and travel times for your group? How far (really) are you from the different locations you want to visit? Need hotel recommendations for extra time in country? We’ve got you covered and have pre-screened all the resorts, hotels, and excursion options on your behalf.

Inclusive Packages: Did you know that Nicaragua has two types of tourism based taxes? There is a separate 17% tax for accommodations only 15% for all other activities, food etc. It is also customary to tip approximately 10% at most restaurants. We will always include the appropriate tax and tip for everything in your requested package.

Excursions: Ever had an amazing tour guide? We know that it’s the small details that can make a BIG difference. Let us do the hard work.

Hassle Free Contracts: Sick of all the e-mails/phone calls back and forth just to confirm a few standard inclusions? Want to make sure there are no surprise charges later on? For your protection, we will make sure you have a signed contract in hand, providing assurance of everything you and your group are entitled to receive as part of the retreat package. We promptly respond to all your questions and you will also have a US contact number to call any time.

Direct Client Billing: Collecting payments in a timely fashion from your guests can be challenging. While it is our preferred method to have the instructor collect the payments from their guests and then pay us directly, for a small additional fee, we can remove you from the payment equation if you wish. Let us invoice the client directly with a professional Paypal invoice (no Paypal account required by the customer in order to make payment). We will then take care of all payments to the resort according to their specific billing schedule (more details below).

3. Streamlined and Transparent Billing Options.

We know flexibility with payment is key, but many resorts/locations have very different (and sometimes quite complex) billing and cancellation policies. Not to worry, we have streamlined and standardized everything for you so that payments on your package is consistent every time. You choose the billing plan that works for you. Here’s how it works:

Option #1 ( Standard Plan) Details: Instructor sets their package price and then collects the money from the clients according to their instructor timeline. The instructor then pays Retreat Conexions according to a pre-approved timeline.
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Option #2 (Custom Billing Plan) Details: Instructor authorizes Retreat Conexions to bill their guests individually via Paypal. Paypal invoicing will allow your guests to pay with their credit card or directly with their Paypal account. Invoices are issued by Retreat Conexions to your guests and sent directly to your guest’s personal e-mail account.
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Looking for an exciting new barefoot luxury venue off the beaten track? Are you ready to take the hassle out of planning your next retreat, once and for all? We would love to hear from you!