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Aqua Nicaragua

Description: Aqua Nicaragua exists within a tropical jungle ecosystem, nestled into the mountains and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. From the handcrafted design of the treetop villas to the aesthetic of the permaculture and sustainable systems, you’ll feel the care taken to minimize environmental impact and elevate the guest experience. Re-ignite connection with your inner self and the life giving nature that is so abundant here.

Aqua provides discerning travelers and yoga enthusiasts an unparalleled opportunity to Be Well. The Aqua experience is uniquely crafted around a holistic concept of wellness. Healthy cuisine, mind-body connection, invigorating exercise and friendly faces are all part of what it means to flow into balance at Aqua Wellness Resort.

Vibe: Jungle paradise, barefoot luxury, wellness, abundant nature, Pacific sunsets, mountainside perches.

Location: Tola/Rivas (Redonda Bay), Nicaragua

Package pricing: Custom pricing for groups depend on the number of nights and season. Inquire for details.

Contact us for complete per person rates, housing options, and contract inclusions + instructor perks for this location.

*Package prices always include all taxes, fees, and the inclusions listed in the standard contract. This is your all-inclusive bottom line cost (per person) to have Retreat Conexions manage your retreat at this location.

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Aqua Nicaragua has two yoga areas suitable for leading classes. The primary shala is an open air thatched roof deck perched on the mountainside, overlooking the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

There is also a covered jungle deck nestled in a forested area approximately 5 min walk from the beach.

Aqua has the following props on site for group use: 20 mats; 40 blocks; 14 straps; 10 blankets.

Aqua is a 2.5hr drive from the Managua International Airport. Resort transport will pick you up at the airport and whisk you on your way.

Most of the drive is on well-marked paved highway. After passing the small town of Rivas, the road will shift to cobblestone style pavers. The last 10min of the drive will be dirt/gravel as you make your way up the mountainside.

AQUA sources ingredients from local farmers and fishermen and your buffet will include a variety of vegetarian and seafood dishes.

All yoga group guests also have the option to order ceviche, mahi mahi, red snapper, lobster, and shrimp off of our daily resort menu if they wish at an additional cost.

Aqua can accommodate vegan and gluten free requests. The menu below is a sample only and subject to change.

Aqua Yoga Menu Sample

Aqua is the most lush and vibrant Sept-Nov during the “Green Season” when mid-morning and/or late afternoon showers are most likely to roll through. Shortly after the rains begin to descend listen for the scurrying and scraping sound around the pathways and beaches. The funky orange and black multicolored crabs love the moisture and are fun to watch scuttling about.

The private cove at Aqua is also a protected nesting ground for sea turtles. October/November is the most opportune time to catch the baby turtles hatching and making their way out to the open ocean. Head down to the beach in the evening for the best chance of witnessing this natural wonder. Oh, and while you are down there, take a dip in the ocean—you may just be lucky enough to see bio-luminescence light up the waters.

Love seafood? Ask for the fishing + sushi tour at the front desk. Your captain will pick you up at the beach and help you find the best fishing spots. The captain is also a trained sushi chef and will make delightfully fresh sushi for you and your guests, while you are still on the boat!

Stay fit. There is a fantastic jungle hiking/running trail that leads from the side of the property (a 5min walk up the hill from the Aqua beach). The path winds through the jungle and pops out at the picturesque Gigante beach on the other side. A jog to the end of the Gigante beach back to Aqua is approximately 35-45min and will leave you feeling refreshed. Pair an early morning run with the free morning yoga class for an invigorating workout/stretch combo.

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